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THWIP! A Spidey Special

April 19, 2011

“We have to see this.” Never has a phrase been more apt for when the Comic Cast first heard that Bono and The Edge would be writing the music for a broadway musical about Spider-Man. Not only that, but it would be directed by Julie Taymor who had directed The Lion King musical – currently the 8th longest-running show in history. Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark. How could it not be the Best Thing Ever? Fraught with problems from the start, the show closes this month for several weeks hiatus in an attempt to salvage what some claim to be unsalvageable.  Liam & Craig ventured to New York to see it with their own eyes and review it with their, eh, own mouths. THWIP!

Download Link: The Comic Cast – Twip! A Spidey Special

also available through iTunes


Comic Cast Mixtape #4

April 7, 2011

Recorded outside Madison Square Garden the morning after LCD SOUNDSYSTEM’s final ever gig, Liam and Craig present a mixtape of songs about New York while musing about the greatest city on earth (mainly because of its bars that open until 4am).

Download Link: The Comic Cast Mixtape #4

also available through iTunes


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