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Let Loose: An Interview with Alan Moloney

January 19, 2009


This week the Comic Cast talks to Cork-based comic artist Alan Moloney –  the creator of international webcomic hit Looseville. We dicuss the birth of the strip, its time spent on the pages of Dublin mag Mongrel and its current incarnation as well as Alan’s foray into stand-up comedy and a rather in-depth discussion on the state of comedy on Irish television. Yar!

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Alan Moloney’s Blog

Left Overs

January 7, 2009


If the first Comic Cast of the New Year is anything to go by – things are looking bleak. Both of our hosts have been struck with that bug everyone from Uncle Ed to Gramps Joe seems to have at the minute. So wrap up well and have the Lemsip at hand  as this week the Comic Cast sniffles over the Watchmen internet cartoon, the DC Super Heroes Jumbo Colour and Activity Book, the Marvel Vault, the DC Vault, Jim Davis’ Garfield Gets Real DVD, Jeff Loeb and Tim Sail’s DareDevil Yellow, Astonishing  X-Men and Invincible Ironman. We also take a look back on some of the best and worst comics of 2008 and what we’re looking forward to in 2009. Achoo!

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DC Super Heroes Jumbo Colour and Activity Book

You’d never see Schulz doing this . . .

Or maybe you would. Good grief!

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