Wrong: An interview with the Eclectic Micks


This week the Comic Cast is delighted (and slighty aroused) to be talking to not one, but SIX of Ireland’s top comic artists. Seated at the table are Stephen Mooney (Angel; After the Fall), Stephen Thompson (Star Trek; New Frontier, Presidential Material: John McCain), Nick Roche (Transformers, Doctor Who), Will Sliney (Farscape), Bob Byrne (Mr. Amperduke, 2000AD) and Declan Shalvey (Frankenstein, Hero Killers). We’re obliged to tell you that several comments are made during the podcast which you may find offensive or, if you’re anything like us, will enduce you to weep salty tears of excruciating laughter. This one’s a real gem. Enjoy!

Download Link: The Comic Cast 17/03/09

Show Links:

Eclectic Micks Sketch Blog

PJ Holden – The Mick Who Wasn’t There

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7 Comments on “Wrong: An interview with the Eclectic Micks”

  1. pj Says:

    Hey, if you’re ever NORTH of the border (or I’m ever south) and you want to do something, I’d love to chat!


  2. thecomiccast Says:

    It’s only a matter of time PJ! You’re on our list!

  3. Stephen Mooney Says:

    I think that’s possible the least topical podcast of all time.
    What the hell were we talking about?
    I think we missed PJ’s calming influence.

  4. thecomiccast Says:

    Is there an award for ‘Least Topical Podcast of All Time’?

    I don’t know what you were talking about but it was most amusing.

  5. Andrew Says:

    I’ve only listened to the first half so far. Does the second half get any better? Only joking. Sounds like you all had great fun. Was there whiskey involved?

  6. thecomiccast Says:

    I should hope not – it was recorded at noon on a Saturday!

    – Liam

  7. Sid Clark Says:

    No whiskey? No clinking of classes in the background? But the craic was still good, eh?

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