FREAK: An Interview with Rob Curley

This week on the Comic Cast we talk to Rob Curley, founder of Sub City comic book shops (Dublin & Galway) and writer of Ireland’s longest running comic book Freakshow, as well as the rather awesome Atomic Rocket Group 66. He fills us in (not like that) on his work and the forthcoming Free Irish Comic Book Day amongst other things. Nice.

Download Link: The Comic Cast 22/07/08- Rob Curley Interview

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5 Comments on “FREAK: An Interview with Rob Curley”

  1. Luke f Says:

    Ha!Sounds like a bunch of friendly chipmunks and other forest critters having a delightful chat about comics!

  2. thecomiccast Says:

    Yeah sorry about that. Use the download link and it should sound fine. Removed the flash player temporarily to avoid confusion.

  3. Luke f Says:

    I did that and it sounds grand.Hilarious interview.especially liked the bit where the little girls wanted to get into the shop.pure gold!

  4. I heard no chipmunks, but am now kind of disappointed that i didn’t. Great interview lads, informative and entertaining. Mainly entertaining.


  5. Sid Clark Says:

    Great, fun interview! Tops!

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