The Comic Cast 5th Birthday Special


Who would have thought that the Comic Cast would still be going five years after it began in 2008 – not us, that’s for sure. Over the the years we’ve giggled our way through the emerging Irish comics scene and interviewed some incredible people from the worlds of comics, animation and illustration. It’s fair to say that we’ve had a blast. To mark the occasion of our fifth anniversary we’ve put together what we’re calling “The Inevitable Clip Show”. We hope you’ll stick around for the next five years. – Liam & Craig

Download Link: The Comic Cast 23/10/13

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(The awesome illustration above is by the great Drew Green.)

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3 Comments on “The Comic Cast 5th Birthday Special”

  1. I hope YOU guys stick around for the next five! Happy Birthday boyos! Ye’re alright, so ye are.

  2. (Christmas Special..?)

  3. […] a joy to hear people speak passionately about something they love. Go check out their most recent 5th Birthday Special episode for an […]

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