An interview with Cliodhna Lyons

This week sees the launch of a fantastic new comic book anthology ‘Sorry I can’t take your call right now I’m off saving the world’ featuring work by 30 different artists from Ireland, the UK, Germany and the United States. The Comic Cast ventured down to Kilkenny to talk to illustrator and printmaker Cliodhna Lyons who produced the book in memory of her Dad Conor Lyons who worked with GOAL in post-tsunami Sri Lanka. On the show we talk about the anthologys production, Cliodhna’s experiences at small/alternative comic shows across the globe and the annual 24hr Comic Event in Dublin which she runs. Enjoy.

The Dublin launch of the anthology takes place THIS Sunday 21st Sept from 9pm in The Stags Head.

Download Link : The Comic Cast 16/09/08

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Show links:

Cliodhna Lyons website

GOAL anthology

The Secret of Kells teaser trailer

Teen Boat

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6 Comments on “An interview with Cliodhna Lyons”

  1. […] The Comic Cast guys have Cliodhna on the show for an interview and the details for the Dublin launch are confirmed […]

  2. ztoical Says:

    lol I love how you can hear my cat running around towards the end. Cheers for the interview lads and coming all the way down to Kilkenny, sorry for rabbiting on so much, I don’t even remember saying half of that :p

  3. Declan Says:

    Phew! I’m wrecked after listening to all that! that was jam-packed full of info, mind.

    Congrats on the awards nomination by the way lads.


  4. […] The GOAL anthology is now out and ready to buy, haven’t seen it yet but it has to be great. Interview with Cliodhna here Dec’s new Freak Show is out AND Frankenstein is due for release in 2 weeks, available for […]

  5. Andrew Says:

    Great interview, lads. Really enjoyed it. She spins a good yarn. Much better than that Chris bloke and that Bob fella you interviewed.

  6. Sid Clark Says:

    Sorry to be negative, but… that wasn’t very enjoyable. It wasn’t just the length, it was the gushy-ness of it. She’s a very nice person, I’m sure, and talented, too.

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