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Back to the Dark Ages

November 25, 2008


So you’re using your children as collateral on the house and the dog has been sent to “the farm” because keeping a pet ain’t cheap. In these dark recession days it’s good to know that one institution won’t cost you a thing – The Comic Cast Est. 2008. Putting your investment with us this week will secure you reviews of Adrian Tomine’s Summer Blonde, Neil Gaimen’s Marvel 1602, Nick Bertozzi’s The Salon as well as his collaboration with Jason Lutes on Houdini: The Handcuff King, Kevin Smith’s Batman Cacophony, Stephan Pastis‘ comic strip Pearls Before Swine and Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan. We’ll also be giving sound advice when it comes to Irish comic From the Pants of Archie Templar. Our credit advisors (us) will also be on hand in this episode offering you advice on what comics would make good Christmas presents. The Comic Cast is regulated by the Irish Financial . . . oh wait. No one regulates us.

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Show Links:

Archie Templar’s Site

Pearls Before Swine comic strip

Free Irish Comic Day Anthology

Fear[s] of the Dark movie trailer

BEAST: An interview with Declan Shalvey

November 12, 2008


This week on the Comic Cast Declan Shalvey – Irish comic book artist and all round good guy – takes the hot seat. We talk about his work as artist on the the Eagle award winning comic Hero Killers, written by Andy Winter, the mammoth undertaking of illustrating a graphic novel based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for Classical Comics (reviewed in our Halloween show) and his latest collaboration with Andy Winters for the forthcoming hilarious one-shot Tim Skinner: Total Scumbag that will debut at the Dublin City Comic Con as well as working on Freakshow and next years Sweeney Todd. “I’d like to do something of worth while selling out” We love this guy. Enjoy.

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Show links:

Declan Shalvey’s Art Blog

Hero Killers Official Site

Classical Comics Frankenstein

Andy Winters Blog

Who is more gay?


November 5, 2008


That’s President Obama to you! The Comic Cast stayed up all night watching BBC’s absolutely mental coverage of the election results. So for the week that’s in it, here are some of our favourite Obama/McCain moments from the cartoon & animation side of things:

Obama in Looseville (our new favourite Irish webcomic)

The Jesse Jackson Incident

Obama’s down with the kids

The John McCain Expereince

Bill O’Reilly + Garry Trudeau + Sarah Palin =

That New Yorker cover . . .

McCainiac: a column by friend of the Comic Cast Marty Beckerman

And for old times sake, here’s to the Sax

And yes we do have a double whammy December podcast with Stephen Thompson artist of McCain: Presidential Material as well as Angel artist Stephen Mooney. O, say can you see by the dawn’s early light . .  .

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