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Of Apes and Men

September 30, 2008

Paul Hornschemeier

On this weeks show we ask is Marvel Apes really the missing link? Can the cops in Gotham Central really look after the city better than you know who? How many cat observations can Jeffrey Brown make in Cat Getting Out of a Bag and Other Observations? Can anyone really pronouce Let Us Be Perfectly Clear creator Paul Hornschemeiers name?  Will Humprey Bogart be in Marvel Noir? Why do we keep saying the new superhero sitcom No Heroics is on BBC3 when it’s on ITV? And how can we save the Irish comics scene from an ugly death? Download now and breath a sigh of relief as we answer all these questions and more.

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Show links:

What Marvel Apes should be

Marvel Noir

What Kirkman actually said

No Heroics Trailer (contrary to our specualtion that it could be shit, this trailer for ITV’s superhero sitcom looks the business)

Neil Patrick Harris being decapitated

Jeffrey Browns Death Cab for Cutie Vid

Chris Judges Holiday Sketches

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