MARVEL: Will Sliney talks! (kinda…)

Marvel have released a new ‘Marvel Now!’ teaser (see above) and guess whose name is on it!? It’s only bloomin’ Cork artist Will Sliney! We rang him up to see if we coax a little more info out of him. Have a listen.

Download Show: Will Sliney 01/11/2012

also available through iTunes

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2 Comments on “MARVEL: Will Sliney talks! (kinda…)”

  1. Sid Clark Says:

    Cool interview, though a little too yupped out for my tastes. Glad to hear these guys are enjoying their careers and all.

    Hope Liam & Craig keep making these podcasts. And when’s Liam gonna stop screwin’ around on the radio and get a proper job??

  2. Sid Clark Says:

    Finished listening to all the podcasts. I’m quite downcast, ha ha. Crestfallen, too. I enjoyed them all, with a couple exceptions where an interview was droning on too long, so I skipped to end of it.

    Here’s a couple nicknames for ya if ya want ’em:
    Liam – the Cornetto Kid
    Craig – the Ultimate Insider

    Cheers, mates!

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