Alternatively: An interview with Philip Barrett, Katie Blackwood, Ronan Kennedy & Paddy Lynch


This week the Comic Cast sat down to chat with four peeps from the Irish small-press comic scene – Philip Barrett (Matter, Blackshapes, Lint, Gazebo) , Katie Blackwood (The Linguistic Goat, The Girl Who Wanted To Be A Raindrop, The Elephant and the Top Hat) , Ronan Kennedy (Mindpuss volume 1) and Paddy Lynch (The Last Bus, In The Aquarium, You Can Never Return). We discuss their work and see what makes em’ tick! Enjoy.

Download Link: The Comic Cast 14/04/09

Show Links:

Philip Barrett’s site

Ronan Kennedy’s site

Paddy Lynch’s site

Cardboard Press (Paddy & Katie’s site)

Dublin Comic Jam

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9 Comments on “Alternatively: An interview with Philip Barrett, Katie Blackwood, Ronan Kennedy & Paddy Lynch”

  1. paddy Says:

    Least commented podcast so far!

  2. thecomiccast Says:

    What can we say except you need to put more explosions in your comics. “The Last Bus II: 27b to Terror”

  3. paddy Says:

    you know, you could be on to something there!

  4. Stephen Mooney Says:

    I really enjoyed this. Nice coherent questions and highly informative and entertaining answers. Plus Katie has an insanely cute voice.

  5. Mindpuss Says:

    Yes coherent questions…non coherent answers on my behalf. Think I’ll become a recluse. Would that be ok for a cartoonist?

  6. Nice one guys. Enjoyed this one.

  7. Bob Byrne Says:

    Mention me at the start if you want to hold listeners

  8. thecomiccast Says:

    We couldn’t possibly mention you anymore than you already are. If anything, we should mention you less.

  9. […] of The Comic Cast, a chat with four participants in the Irish small-press comic scene: Philip Barrett, Katie […]

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