Comic Cast Mix Tape #1


Here at the Comic Cast we have two great loves. Comics and music. And whiskey. Ok, three great loves. So we thought how can we combine these loves together in one monstrous podcast. The answer?  A mixtape where every single track has to relate to comics! It wasn’t easy. More often than not we just ended up playing Seal’s ‘Kiss from a rose’ on repeat but there’s no keeping us down when you introduce our third great love . . . And so here it is, for your listening delight, Comic Cast Mix Tape #1!

Download Link: Comic Cast Mix Tape 07/04/09

Comic Cast Mixtape #1 Playlist

(Follow the links to find more info on each artist)

Intro:  ‘Jazz Fight’ – Home Movies Soundtrack

1. ‘Oh Good Grief’ – Vince Guaraldi Trio (A Boy Named Charlie Brown)

2. ‘Elevator Hopper’ – Kid Koala (Some of my best friends are DJ’s)

3. ‘Go Monkey Go’ – DEVO (The Power Puff Girls: Heroes and Villains)

4. ‘I like birds’ – Eels (Daisies of the galaxy)

5. ‘Consequences of sound’ – Regina Spektor (Mary Ann and the Gravediggers)

6. ‘Super Mario 5’ – Hoovers & Sledgehammers (Visions from Eceloe Mountain EP)

7. ‘Time Machine’ – Jeffrey and Jack Lewis (City and Eastern Songs)

8. ‘Space Hoes’ – Danger Doom (The Mouse and the Mask)

9. ‘Big bad dog’ – The Worthwhile Experience

10. ‘David Boring’ – The Chalets (Nightrocker EP)

11. ‘Why’ – Control

12. ‘Grannies with broadband’ – Warlords of Pez

13. ‘Eimear Hush’ – At Last An Atlas (Ships Leaving)

14. ‘I’m Matt Dillon (Get Out of my Way)’ – $chmackey and the Salads (Flogging a Dead Horse EP)

15. ‘The Dead (Tango)’ – Murder Plan

16. ‘The 3 R’s’ – Jack Johnson and friends (Curious George soundtrack)

17. ‘Oasis’ – Amanda Palmer (Who Killed Amanda Palmer?)

18. ‘My Baby Just Cares For Me’ – Nina Simone (Little Girl Blue)

Show Links

Craig rockin’ out on the New Band Stage at Oxygen last year

Liam’s music vid for Super Extra Bonus Party’s ‘Mushie Shake’

The Fink Brothers

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24 Comments on “Comic Cast Mix Tape #1”

  1. nialler9 Says:

    Good Stuff Lads!

  2. nialler9 Says:

    Move closer to the Mic tho… :0

  3. thecomiccast Says:

    Cheers Nialler! Will do.

  4. Just came across your blog via Nialler, didn’t even realise such a blog exsisted in Ireland (considering I’m only really glued to Comic Geek Speak podcasts)
    Looking forward to listening!


  5. thecomiccast Says:

    Thanks Loreana! Let us know what ya think. Love the Fight Like Apes artwork!

  6. The Abyss Says:

    Where’s Hot N’ Cold? It has relevance to comics because you can A) read comics when it’s hot and B) read them when it’s cold, too.

    Nice podcast lads.

  7. thecomiccast Says:

    You had your chance to play Katy Perry on the show Maloney! And you chose TV on the Radio – I rest my case. And thanks!

  8. Actually really enjoyed this one lads, tho Craig has been too far away from the mic for the past couple of episodes. Figured you had to play some Dangerdoom. You heard this? If you pay attention to the lyrics there’s a rake of comics references in there.

    Surprised ye didn’t play Weezers ‘In the Garage’… too obvious…?

    Though Craig’s band were pretty good too actually.


  9. thecomiccast Says:

    Muchos gracias Dec! I shall personally escort Craig ring-side to the mic at next weeks show.

    Hadn’t seen that MC Chris track although it’s hilarious. “You can’t resist Chris ’cause he helps you de-stress,
    While you play Animal Crossing on your Nintendo DS” Best. Lyrics. Ever.

    Yaw, Weezer didn’t make it to the second round. Although we might do another mixtape sometime so hope springs eternal.

    Craig’s band EP advert:


  10. Heh, ah man, that promo was hillarious… good stuff. Thought the love song was nearly too intensely emotional for me.

    Yeah, the MC Chris one has pretty obscure rferences “kiss like Cassie Lang” …i mean, who the hell would ecen know who Cassie Lang is? Other than me, that is.

  11. Oh yeah; Mooney would hate this mixtape by the way. Unless there’s Huey Lewis in there; he’s not interested.

  12. thecomiccast Says:

    Surely everyone knows Cassie Lang is a member of the Young Avengers! (Thank God for Wikipedia . . .)

    Well just for Mooney, on the next mixtape I’ll include Huey Lewis’ awesome song from Disneys’ Oliver & Co. soundtrack.

  13. Mindpuss Says:

    Great show lads! Some choice music in there alright!!

  14. Luke Says:

    Holy shit,the Decsters a fan of DangerDoom!?

  15. The Abyss Says:

    Don’t you think it eats me up inside everyday that I didn’t pick her? This might be an innappropiate forum to break this but I have a serious fucking problem with KP. I just can’t quit. One minute, I’m grand. The next minute I’m… I’m cold. Yes. then… then no.

    I gotta get outta here.

  16. thecomiccast Says:

    Cheers Ronan.

    And Luke, we were as shocked as you to find out Decs love of DangerDoom, old fogey that he is and all . . .

    It’s all right Alan, we’ve had someone call a doctor, you’ve got a case of love disorder, stuck on this rollercoaster, can’t get off this ride, you change your mind like a girl changes clo . . . thes . . . argh! It’s catching on!!

  17. Oi! I ain’t no old fogey; i’m pretty on the ball when it comes to music, not like ye punk kids, with yere MGMTs and whatnot.

    Actually, i’m not that big a fan of DangerDoom. I used to live with a big hip hop fan, so i know some of it. Don’t mind DangerDoom, but not a huge fan. Preferred Anger Mouse’s Grey Album. Deal with it.

  18. thecomiccast Says:

    The Grey Album is beast. You’re proved yourself, Shalvey. You shall receive flowers in the post by way of apology.

    I ate sunday roast beside MGMT once. True story.

  19. Stephen Mooney Says:

    Wait, wait… hold up a sec…
    Huey Lewis had a song on Disneys’ Oliver & Co. soundtrack?!

  20. Stephen Mooney Says:

    Oh and Craig? Your band’s video on youtube? Dec showed it to me and its very possibly the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen.
    Second only to this:
    Watch out for the amazing Shalvey cameo around halfway through.

  21. thecomiccast Says:

    Yuuuup. It’s only on the soundtrack though, Moondog. Billy Joel sings the song in character as Dodger in the film.

    That Batman video is beast. Fair props to Will. Was that Dec gettin’ the shit kicked out of him!!? We HEART Dec.


  22. Yes it is.

    ‘Thanks’ Mooney.

  23. Stephen Mooney Says:

    You’re welcome Dec! I still think its the best thing you’ve been part of.
    Its really, really good.
    ‘Aw, aww man!!’

  24. Luke Says:

    Dec got DECKED!
    everyone see what I did there?God,I`m a genius.

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